Simonco Holdings is an international investment shareholding company established in 2013 in Cyprus. Simonco Holdings adopts a worldwide vision for investment in fields of new technology and green energy.

The international standards and the professional services during their 12 years of experience in fields of construction, smart technology and IT & cyber systems gave the opportunity to Simonco Holdings to distinguish in the new technology fields in the Middle East and North Africa very quickly.


      Stop Global Warming Now (SGWN) is a system that combines several multidicisplinary theories starting from the theory of the gyroscope to the classical physics including such a series of sciences, like physics, mathematics, rational mechanics, mechanical engineering, geodesy, geophysics electro technology. The technology aims for the production of clean and renewable energy. Solar Power […]


      MS-Simonco (multi biometric application) MS-Simonco multi biometric solution helps banks and organizations to increase customer trust and user experience by providing  high security levels and a frictionless process. MS-Simonco multi biometric technology provides wide array of security solutions to help banks and organizations provide 100% secured services either by using on-line services, mobile applications, call […]


    Affordable housing is a global opportunity whose build-out could provide a massive economic stimulus. Our building system provides: Integrated systems for energy autonomous housing and buildings Use of recycled materials combined with traditional building materials A five (5) step process to create a finished structure in seven (7) days Jobs for local unskilled labor Presanella […]


    Abu Dhabi International Airport– supplied all scanners and face recognition for the airport (IRES scanners) in 2008. Turkey:– Implementing MDRS Systems in 2007. Palestine:–  Currently in the process of implementing a new project in Ramallah in a joint venture to open a Thermo valorization Plant of the latest technology with STR and other partners. Romania:– Currently […]

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