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No need to e-mail addresses anymore!
Mailcell is an application which enables users to send e-mails directly to the phone numbers without typing an e-mail address!
It’s an instant e-mailing application which provides people to send e-mails directly to the phone numbers by simply typing the numbers only! It also enables you to send voice message, location, and contact by an e-mail, as well as sending the basic stuff such as images, videos, and documents. As a distinguishing feature; it’s not compulsory to save the contacts in to your phonebook, and you may easily type the phone number to send an e-mail instead.
No more e-mail addresses with hard spellings on the bussinesscards!
Mailcell which combines e-mail and instant message habits of ours together, also takes the punctuation out of our daily lives. For instance; with the help of Mailcell no one will have to code an email such as “ahmd_1988lndn@……………”.
How it works?
Right after downloading Mailcell to your smartphones; users who have this application will be listed in your contacts automatically. You don’t have to save anybody to your contact list to send an e-mail. Application allows you to choose your contact by using CC/BCC sections either from your phonebook or by typing the number straightaway. This feature avoids you to save the phone number of the person whom you will be sending your email to. You’re good to go if you know the phone number only! Even though it is a necessity to have the phone number saved in the contacts to send a message in many instant messaging applications, Mailcell completely annihilates this obligation.
Mailcell works with the same display as many usual e-mails. However; you can figure out whether the e-mail comes from one of your contact saved in your phonebook or not. It simply discriminated by Inbox and Xbox. You can also keep your private e-mails by a password in Lockedbox.